Project Description

With RALENTAS you can rest assured that you can call the globe your home. We are tirelessly devoted to ensuring all necessities required to make you comfortable are available in the most timely and affordable manner possible. By using our services under this package, you are sure of:
1. Residential premises that are secure, comfortable, convenient and pocket friendly.
2. Hassle free work permit processing plus any other relevant legal services.
3. Relevant and complete orientation services. RALENTAS shall ensure that you are established socially, geographically, economically, politically and professionally in order to ensure you relate better to your new environment.
4. Flexible, efficient and affordable transport advice plus transportation means of any sort.
5. Acquisition of quality, wholesome and affordable insurance cover customized to suit your deepest concerns. We also offer advice in case further clarity is needed for more informed choices.
6. Provision of emergency contacts and quick response arrangements aimed at eliminating any form of distress as soon as it is detected.

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